Sep 18, 2011

A Cup Of Tea

I never thought that I'd be a person who'll like drinking tea. But, I've been really enjoying it lately. It's been really soothing and relaxing to drink. I could not understand ladies who seemed to be such tea experts!! I mean, ladies who have a lot of knowledge as to how to make it and other ways than just using a regular tea bag (like myself)!! (laughing)

One day, I'll learn. But, as for now, I use tea bags. I not only enjoy the flavor of my tea, but I like what it has replaced in me. Since being set free from turning to foods as an idol instead of the Lord, God has blessed me by showing me other things that I can enjoy without turning back to old foods that I used and abused before. Cakes, candies, and those other treats would leave me sick, full, and unsatisfied. Which is way I probably kept wanting more of it than of the Lord. Yes, the food tasted good for the moment, but then I felt unsatisfied and so I'd get another treat or a tummy ache. Eating that stuff only did what it couldn't do and that was to satisfy me in a way that only Jesus can. But, they are still my addictives and so, I strive to avoid them.

But, now that I'm drinking tea, I love how I feel after I've drank some. I'm craving WATER afterwards!!! I know you're probably like, "What??" (laughing) But, hear me out. I'm excited that it leaves me craving water because water is GOOD! It's refreshing, plenitiful, healthy, etc. The most amazing fact is that it reminds me of the Lord being my LIVING WATER. After drinking tea (or something while I'm drinking it), I'll read the word or a book. I don't know...I'm just loving the difference that it has made in me. (laughing)

Dear Lord, thank You for the change that drinking tea has made in me. In Your name, Amen.

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