Nov 25, 2011

Family Play

I remember seeing ads and commericals that would encourage parents to spend time playing with their kids. At the time, I remember seeing those commericals and rolling my eyes as saying to myself, "Yeah, RIGHT!". LOL But, now that I'm striving to do better with my health, I'm seeing the benefits of taking the time to really play with my kids verses watching them play.

The benefit of playing with them is that I get to "relive" my childhood. It's fun teaching the girls hopscotch, jump rope, and how to ride a bike.

When I first taught the girls how to play hopscotch, it was great seeing us enjoy something together. It felt good to be jumping and hoping right along with them. It was great teaching them how to jump rope. Now, they are getting the hang of riding a bike. I've discovered that I could jog right along side of them as they ride (which may open a door for me to start JOGGING...uh oh!).

I also see the joy of being silly with them. We were outside today playing Transformers. It was a cute game of boys against the girls. It was fun capturing all my sweet males. Zechariah was the cutest. His little legs running, his arms swinging, and seeing his bright eyes and smiles as he was giggling. It was hilarious. M.J. was so tickled every time he was captured too. Of course, hubby and I snuck in a few love taps as we captured each other (wink). The girls and I were a team. We just had a great time outside together.

Dear Lord, thank You for family play. Please help Matt and I see the benefit of doing it more with the kids since they are getting older. Please give us the energy, creativity, and desire to spend more time outdoors together as a family. In Your name, Amen.

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