Dec 29, 2011

Cooking With Hubby

I remember early in our marriage when Matt tried to cook in the kitchen with me, I confess, I was quite annoyed. (laughing) I was so prideful. I had it in my mind that I was suppose to be the one in the kitchen and he just had to sit out and wait for the food. That it was MY wifely duty to be the one in the kitchen and NOT him. (laughing)

It wasn't until later on in our marriage, that I really LISTENED to him when he shared with someone that he likes cooking in the kitchen. When I heard that (plus 5 kids later), I decided that it would be best to began to LEARN how to enjoy having him in the kitchen with me.

Since then, it's been a blessing to see Matt in the kitchen. He's so sweet. He has volunteered to cook on certain days just so that I can rest or be free from having to have to cook a meal. But, we still weren't in the kitchen together until TODAY!

I confess, I was a bit nervous as to how it'll go with having us both in the kitchen at the same time. I didn't want my pride, comments, or suggestions to cause any tension in there so I was very prayerful as to how to behave in there with him. (laughing) But, it turned out to be REAL fun and ROMANTIC. I'm amazed more and more of how the food network station is inspiring me in the kitchen.

I LOVE the Neelys! I love how they work together in the kitchen and the sweet love that they show towards one another. I think it inspires couples to work together in the kitchen and it can add a bit of romance as well. As Matt and I were in the kitchen, he was being silly acting as Mr. Neely. He would say sweet and silly comments to me as we worked together making Chinese food. It was really fun being in there with him. I look forward in the kitchen with hubby more often.

Dear Lord, thank You for giving Matt and I another way to grow together as a couple. In Your name, Amen.

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  1. I love this. I caught myself doing this a while ago. My fiancé loves to help me when I cook, but I used to get so irritated with him. I felt he was all in the way! LOL I encouraged him to go sit down and watch the game or something. He asked me if that was what I really wanted from him and I realized it wasn't at all! I love that he wants to share that time with me instead of leaving to do something "more manly". So, I am learning to chill and have more patience. Isn't God awesome??