Dec 28, 2011

Playing Games As A Family

I'm so excited that our kids are now at the age where we can began playing games together. We've played 2 games so far as a family and it's been FUN!!

We played the "Bop It" game. It's a fun listening game. It's been great to see how excited we all get when it's our turn. It's been a fun way for us to laugh and play with one another. But, the game that REALLY helped us to show our competitive side was "DISNEY'S SCENE IT" game. LOL

From playing that game, we've learned that Nelly wants to WIN!! We each were on teams. Nelly was on her father's team and the other girls were on my team. When my team won the first game, she was NOT happy. It was funny and interesting to see. Her Dad and I had to use that time to show her how to be a good team player.

From that, the Lord showed me the value of good quality time together as a family doing things like that. It's a good way to bond more with each other. It can be a way that can expose things in us that through the work of the Lord, we can help one another grow more in Christ as a parent and/or as a person. Playing together was such fun. I think we'll have to invest in that game.

Thank You Lord for allowing our family to play that board game together and how it was used to expose an area in our daughter's heart that needed to be addressed. Please help us to always be open and ready to get to the heart of our children in order to help them to see their need for You. In Your name, Amen.

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