Jan 10, 2012

It Finally Happened!!

After having 4 kids sleep in the crib, we finally got a kid who has CLIMBED out of it. The other kids have NEVER done it. I remember friends sharing their stories about their child climbing out of the cribs. But, I never could say that one of our kids has done it. Well...NOW I CAN!!

It happened yesterday morning as the kids were up and getting ready to start the day. Zech and MJ were up and waiting in their beds until it was time for me to come and wash them up for the day. They both were talking and playing in their beds. It was cute listening to MJ and Zech talk to one another (MJ is the only one who can carry on a conversation with Zech's baby gibberish. We all just imagine what he could be saying, MJ seems to actually KNOW what he's saying!! LOL).

Sometime during their time of laughing and playing, I hear MJ yell, "Mommy! Zech got out of his crib!!" I couldn't believe it! That little guy actually did it! So, I knew that it was time to get off of the computer and get him ready. I forgot to mention it to my husband earlier that morning, but later on last night he found out because ZECH DID IT AGAIN!! This time he decided to run into his sisters' room to try and hang out. But, when he heard us coming, he just decided to go back and sit on his brother's bed.

I tell you, Zech is sending us out with a BANG!!

Dear Lord, thank You for how well Zech and MJ are getting closer as brothers, it's truly an answer to my prayers. I'm also thankful for Your sense of humor in giving us a child who has learned how to climb out of his crib. It's just another story to add to our parenting stories. May You please help us to keep a good watch over Zech who seems to be a very ADVENTUROUS child whom You have fashioned who I pray will one day, bring You glory for being very courageous. In Your name, Amen.

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