Jan 10, 2013

An Overwhelming Day!!

Today was a day that I constently felt as if I was DROWNING in nothing but children's needs. It was like moment after moment, I was hearing my name called, complaining, whining, etc. I honestly felt like I was going to loose my mind. I really needed and wanted a break but it wasn't possible. Plus, I felt physically tired, too. smh. It was a mess.

My hubby was so in tuned to my needs. I remember there was a moment when the kids were asking so much of me and he had them to leave the room and then he himself left just to give me some quiet. smh. God is so good to me to bless me with such an understanding husband.

Thank You Lord for allowing Matt to be intuned to my needs at that moment. Please help me to be reminded of Your grace that can get me through stressful times. Amen.

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