Nov 28, 2014

Prepping for Thanksgiving 2014 (Part Three)

For some reason, I started prepping my meals late today. I noticed that most of my friends who were cooking on Thanksgiving already had their meals prep and fixed. It didn't bother me, but I just wasn't "in the mood" to get started. But, once my husband got home with the last few items that I needed, I was ready to get started. Each kid had a part in helping with the meal.

Nelly help fix the SWEET POTATOES. We made two kinds. One was with marshmallows and the other was with praline pecans.

Kayla helped fix the mash potatoes (which didn't turn out so good) and the corn bread.

 My sweet hubby stepped in to show Kayla how to use the peeler.

Anna helped fix the string beans and stuffing.

MJ got into the kitchen with me for the FIRST time!! He helped fix macaroni and cheese which is his FAVORITE!!

 He's a cutie!!


 Zech helps his Dad mix up the rub.

 MJ gets in on it too!

 It's Game Time!!

 Matt and his funny faces! LOL

 Beef Ribs!

He NAILED it!! I was so proud of him.

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