Nov 23, 2011

Making Memories

Since we won't be able to travel to see family, we'll be having Thanksgiving here. Although it's a little sad not being able to be with family, it's also kind of cool because I'll get to fix another Thanksgiving meal with the girls. I've been doing this with them ever since my oldest was about 5 years old.

The Lord has brought me a MIGHTY long way with wanting to be in the kitchen with the kids. It's funny how a cooking channel can help in that. I just want the girls to have memories of us being in the kitchen together.

We already have a specific day that we're in there together. Mondays: I'm in there with Nelly. Right now, her and I fix waffles of all kinds of creative flavors! Tuesdays: Kayla and I fix snacks for our long day at church. Anna and I fix muffins on Thursdays. Having those days has been really helpful. Plus, I take a picture and post it on FB. I'm also preparing a scrapbook that I hope to add in a hope chest that I plan to give to each of them.

So, as Thanksgiving is approaching, I look forward to having each girl in the kitchen with me fixing various dishes for our meal. They are excited and so am I.

Thank You Lord for bringing me this far with cooking with the girls. I pray that they'll have great memories of being in the kitchen with me. In Your name, Amen.

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