Jan 19, 2012

I Saw Myself!

Okay! Last night, I had a "Wow" moment as the Lord revealed a surprising fact to me. As we were driving home from church, my husband and I were talking to each other. During our conversation, I asked him to pray for a relationship with one of my sweet sisters in Christ.

As we continued to talk, he reminded me if it's the Lord's will for that particular relationship to happen. In my flesh, I want to make it happen, but again, I was reminded of having a relationship that's in God's will not mines. As we are still talking, my husband said something that made me think of one of our daughters. He said, "I'm learning that you're a relational person. When you meet someone, you want to began digging into their lives and when it doesn't work you're disappointed." Then I said "Yeah! Just like_______." Once I said that, I saw myself!

It was like the blinders were pulled from my eyes. I saw myself in my daughter! Right then, I realized how much we are alike and of how I can better guide her in making friends. It's amazing when we can see ourselves in our kids. It should make us be more willing to come along side of them in a more patient and compassionate way. That's my heart's desire now that this has been revealed. May God help me.

Thanks for the revelation, Father. Guide and teach me to encourage my daughter in the same area that I myself need to grow in as it relates to making friends. In Your name, Amen.

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