Jan 28, 2013

He's Coming Along

"Do everything without complaining or arguing,.."
Philippians 2:14

Zech is the last child in the Hodges' home to be potty trained. I confess, I thought that potty training him would be a piece of cake, but this little guy is being a bit of a tuffy with it. It's also has been showing me how easily annoyed and impatient I can be too. Whenever the timer goes off for me to put him on the potty, I confess, I'm not too EXCITED to stop whatever I'm doing to go and put him on the potty. Especially to clean a poopie (YUCK!).

But, he's coming along. We've been able to buy him his own set of THOMAS THE TRAIN underwears and he's been able to wear them. I remember someone once telling me that whenever a child is ready to stop wearing pampers, they'll let you know and Zech was the FIRST child to tell me that he didn't want to wear his pull-ups!!! Uhh...but it was just ONE DAY! LOL

Since then, he hasn't really said anything, but I can tell that he notices the difference in what he's wearing. I'm not sure if he realizes the entire concept of when he needs to go to the potty on his own. I haven't seen any signs of him figuring out that whenever he feels himself doing something, that he needs to stop whatever he's doing to go to the potty. I trust that one day, it's happen.

Dear Lord, please help me to be patient with Zech's potty training. In Your name, Amen.

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