Jan 20, 2013

While I'm Grooming The Girls, God's Was Grooming My HEART!

"So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature"
Galatians 5:16

I confess, I can truly feel God working on me daily as it relates to my girls. They are such a blessing, but yet, they can be overwhelming. Let me explain, since females are such emotional beings, I confess, I find it hard to deal with my emotions keeping them in check with the Holy Spirit at the same time guiding those 3 girls with different personalities and issues. Trying to tackle those things (plus to active boys!) can be a hard thing.

I'm SO THANKFUL for God's grace because it's so sufficient for me daily. I confess, I don't often times depend or acknowledge when I'm at those frustrating moments like I should, but I'm thankful for those times that I do. With that said, I'm also thankful for those other moments of grace when God shows me the blessings of my victories over sin.

You see, Sunday mornings are CRAZY!! Trying to get everyone ready and out the door can TRULY work up my FLESH. smh. But, this Sunday, the Lord allowed me to see the blessing of slowing down and saying yes to the Spirit instead of to my flesh.

I always groom the kids before we leave. I want to make sure that their faces are smooth and glowing, their clothes are fixed nicely, and that their hair is combed and groomed. As I was doing that for the girls, we all were just chatting and giggly. It was nice having us all in there. It was nice for me to teach them how to apply the proper amount of vaseline onto their lips. It was nice for them to see me apply makeup on and to answer their curious questions, like "Does it hurt when you put that (eyeliner) on your eyes?" LOL That entire time warmed my heart. It was great to see that the Lord was grooming my heart too.

Thank You Father for allowing me to see an answer to my prayers and I know that You'll be constantly working on my heart. Thank You for that moment in the bathroom with the girls. May we have more. In Your name, Amen.

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