Nov 24, 2014

Preparing for Thanksgiving 2014 (Part One)

It was so exciting preparing for this year's Thanksgiving. Here's some things that happened before the big day.

A NEW Oven
I've been using only ONE burner for a while on the old stove. Whenever we tell someone that, they looked so surprised. LOL It was truly the Lord Who kept my heart at peace and content because it didn't bother me at all. But, when it was decided that we were going to host Thanksgiving at our house, Hubby decided that it was time for a new oven. So, here "she" is!

The Thanksgiving Center Piece

We had some empty soda bottles around. I was inspired by this blog post to make this bottle craft. I thought I had enough bottles to spell THANKS, but it turned out that I didn't. Soo...I had to come up with a creative way to fix it. I'm so thankful that the Lord gives us ideas. I was able to figure out how to make it work and here's what I did.

I spelled out the word THANK by taping the letters on each bottle.

Then I sprayed painted the entire bottle in an orange color.

Then I peeled the tape off, outlined it with a black permanent marker, and then with black paint.

Here's how they looked.

I still had some wooden pieces laying around. I used them to make the base for the bottles.

 I glued the 3 pieces side by side.
I printed out the letters FUL in order for the centerpiece to read THANKFUL. I printed and then cut out the letters.

 I traced and then outlined the letters.

After I colored in the letters, I wrote other letters to spell out For, yoU, Lord.

 Then I covered it with Modge Podge.

 I laid them out.

Then added some flowers to them.

Here's how it looked (with my lovely family around it)!! 

Doing all of these crafts, it got me thinking and ready to work on my Winter tea display. Hop on over to my Tea blog to see what I'm planning to do.

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